Last Updated: March 2017


All Hello Freedom products and services are subject to the Hello Freedom Terms and Conditions.
By purchasing and booking a Hello Freedom product or service, you are agreeing to the following:


Changes & Cancellations

You may cancel or make a change to your appointment time up to 1 week prior to the scheduled appointment. This can be done through the website link provided in the confirmation email sent to you at the time of booking & payment.

Changes and cancellations cannot be made within 7 days (1 week) of your scheduled appointment. This is because consultations require pre-work to be completed, and at this late stage we are unable to fill the time slot with another client.

If you cannot attend your appointment and have not taken action to change or cancel it more than 7 days prior to your appointment time, then the appointment and payment will be considered forfeited. In the rare case that you experience a true emergency beyond your control, please contact us via email at and we will do what we can, within reason, to re-book you for a future session prior to the expiry date of your service.

Appointment times are fixed. If you are late to your appointment, we cannot extend the booking to compensate for time lost.  

If due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. technical issue, emergency), we have to change your appointment time, we will contact you as soon as possible via email and/or telephone to re-book another time that suits you.  



We do not offer refunds due to change of mind within 7 days (1 week) of the first scheduled appointment in your service.


Expiry Dates for Products & Services Purchased

Hello Freedom Products & Services are subject to the following expiry dates:

  • Business Idea Sense Check Initial Consultation - 1 month after purchase date
  • Business Idea Sense Check Follow-Up Consultation - 1 month after purchase date
  • Business Plan Builder Package– 3 months after purchase date
  • Business Plan Builder Follow-Up Consultation – 1 month after purchase date
  • Launch Support Package – 4 months after purchase date or 3 months after the date of the first consultation in the package, whichever is earlier.

Once the expiry date has passed, services are considered completed and no further services will be provided with respect to the purchase.


Service Delivery

Please be aware that results are not guaranteed. All services are provided to clients with the utmost of care and we do our absolute best at all times to help clients maximise outcomes and avoid loss and damage. While we can provide ideas and guidance, you are purchasing Hello Freedom’s services with the full understanding that you are responsible for any actions you take and for creating your own results.

Honesty is essential during consultations and correspondence in order to maximise the client’s experience. Positive feelings may be a natural result of an appointment, but the primary focus is on providing honest feedback and creating actionable strategies aimed at helping clients achieve their specific goals.

Any pre-work must be completed and returned by the required deadline. This allows time for it to be reviewed properly before we meet. If pre-work is not completed and returned on time, the client accepts that it may have a negative impact on the structure of the appointment (as we will have to spend time reviewing the pre-questions) and the quality and quantity of advice that is able to be provided during the consultation.

Clients are responsible for taking any notes during consultations and for all actions they choose to take as a result of the services provided.

Hello Freedom and its staff are not experts in law, accounting or financial services. Any information given with respect to these areas is general in nature and not a recommendation in any form. The client must seek advice from a qualified professional if they require help or advice in these fields.

Appointments are currently available via Skype only. Please ensure you have access to Skype before making a booking. Face-to-face appointments or appointments through other channels are available upon request only.


Email Support Reasonable Use Policy for Launch Support Package

Clients who purchase a 3 Month Launch Support Package are able to email George with any questions they have in between their fortnightly coaching sessions. This service is subject to reasonable use, which is considered to constitute up to a maximum of 30 minutes per week (over the 3 month period), per client, spent by George reading, reviewing and responding to email questions.


Confidential Information

We take client confidentiality very seriously. We will not disclose, in verbal or written form, any confidential information (information that’s not publically accessible) that a client shares with us verbally or in written form unless the client provides us with written permission to do so. Equally, any information Hello Freedom discloses to clients that is flagged as confidential in nature, must not be disclosed by the client to anyone in any way, unless the prior written consent of Hello Freedom is provided.


Intellectual Property

This service agreement does not transfer any interest in intellectual property rights in the Confidential Information to either party.

The client agrees that Hello Freedom owns all copyrights for products & services purchased by or provided to the client during the course of engagement, including (but not limited to) the Business Idea Sense-Check, including the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire; the Business Plan Builder and the Business Plan Summary Template. The client agrees these products will be used by the client (and any person the client chooses to share them with) for the purpose of creating, building and growing the client’s business only.


Governing Law

This Service Agreement is governed by the laws applicable in the state of Queensland, Australia and each party (Hello Freedom and the client) submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state.


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